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April 25, 2017

April’s Outfit Roundup

Sooooo lately I have been getting a lot of likes on IG (instagram) when I post my fits. I went from literally 20 likes to over 100 likes. That is a big significant difference for me. I was excited so I continued to post more outfits. Not only did the likes increase but so did my followers. (Tear). I’m moving up in the cyber world. My dream is to be a well renowned fashion blogger. A girl can dream but I know it took baby steps.

I decided to create a blog post of my best fits in April according to IG. This is the first I have created a post like this. I thought it would be interesting plus I have seen other bloggers create monthly post of all of their fits. I will sort my fits based on the likes I got on IG. I will give a little detail about the clothes and where I was going.
Phugitiv fashion outfitFirst up, the outfit I wore to the Jerry Lewis club on Beale. This is romper I got from Windsor. First time wearing this fit. I thought it looked okkkk but I got a lot of compliments. The shoes are from Zooshoo. I only paid $10 for them!!!!!
outfit Next, the fit I wore to the rooftop. Another romper, of course. I love how my tat just stands out. I got the romper from Windsor. I know what you are thinking I love Windsor. Lol. You can see my F21 body. I thought it added a little sex appeal being that it was mostly adult adults who adult everyday….. you know what I mean. I have no idea where I got the shoes from but they are red.

To me this is my fave outfit. It’s freaking cute! I was downtown on a Sunday with my friends. We suppose to go see a ballet but we forgot the tickets so yeahhh. I got the dress from American Apparel and the shoes for Rue 21.


All denim down. Even my shoes! Except the bra. I love this outfit because it was thrown together and turned out perfect. I was at this bar called Tin Roof on Beale. Nice place btw. The entire outfit is F21 but the jacket. I got that from the thrift.


Last but not least. The white tee outfit. I was going out with selected friends to a bar for my birthday. I had an awesome time besides the guy who was stalking me. Dress from f21, boots papaya, hat from love culture.

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March 23, 2017

Phugitiv of the Day: Seth D

Phugitivs are all over the place whether they are causing good or harm in a fashion state. I had the pleasure of meeting such individual whose music and sense of style goes hand and hand. Who is this individual you might ask? Seth D.

Hailing from ATL, his music is dope and so is his style. I’m not just saying this because I featured him on my site and met him but I am telling the truth. I listened to a few of his songs and found myself walking around thinking I was baddest bih in the office. Especially his song Tommy Hilfiger. I was like yassssssss  “my skin is so cinnamon”!!!!! He also has a new album out titled Love Made Me Do It. Inspired by love so you already know the  Click Here to check out the new album. After listening to his songs, I wanted to meet this slaying artist.

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December 13, 2016

Mosaic Journey Book Signing

A really good friend of mines just released a book. I cannot remember the date it was released but I do know it was recent. (my memory is horrible. Talk about following your dreams! He had his first book signing on Sunday.The book is called Mosaic Journey: Pieces of Me. The book is an article of creative poems which Stedmond, my friend, put together. I read one poem called Place in the Sun. I felt some type of way because the poem so deep I had to read it twice. The poem made me look into my life and try to discover how can I find my tranquil setting in my place in the sun. I started thinking like OMG I need to get my life together. That poem is my fave.

I think all the poems in the book are relatable to anyone thats what I enjoyed most about the book. When you read any book and you can paint a vivid picture in your mind that is the best. Stedmond accomplished that in his book. The book signing was chill and laid back. I went with my friend Nick. I must say we went on a mosaic journey driving to the book signing. The book signing was in Greenwood, MS. There are alot of small towns in Mississippi. Alot of grass, farm animals, and plains. It was smooth ride though. It took us about 2 hours to get there. I took my dog, Sandy, as well. She did not like being in her kennel most of the drive. She was so well behaved until we got there but thats another story. I did not mind the drive it was only 2 hours and me and Nick got to catch up although we talk everyday. When arrived to Greenwood, we got lost of course because even with GPS I always get lost. We did eventually find it. His family and friends were extremely nice especially his mom. The refreshment were good especially the lemonade. Shout to the person who made the lemonade. The overall event and trip were great! First time I ever been to a book signing so it was good first time experience. Check out the experience below!

P.S. Check out the book on Amazon by clicking the logo below

amazon book

Come with me on a Mosaic Journey


Stemond (left) and Nick (right)

Stedmond signing books for eager fans

.book signing

Stedmond and I


A scenery from what seemed like Downtown Greenwood


Mosaic Journey

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October 20, 2016

Flowso Listening Party

I had to go to my homie Flowso listening party which was hella chill! The entire album was amazing. Not even over exaggerating. My fave songs were backseat lovers, love my haters, freedom, and I forgot the name of the other one. I really enjoyed everything. The listening party was at club Love which was really nice. That was my first time in Love. The club was nice and I enjoyed the atmosphere…..honestly better than what I expected.


This was me early Tuesday LOL trying to find something to wear. Sad part about it is I did not wear anything on my bed.


I wish I had a Clutch shirt I could worn to the event. Majority of the people had on the shirt. I slick felt left out because everybody had on a shirt. I want a black and white so I can match it with again. The line is dope! Go check out the site



 This is the outfit I ended up wearing. Sheer beige body suit from F21, black satin pants from Urban, Demin pointed toe heels from Akira. I almost did not wear a bra but I still did because you know how people in the south are…. Anyways I wore a bra. The outfit was hella cute to me because that was my first time wearing the bodysuit. I loved pinning my hair up as well to give a sort of professional look.


I brought my friend Brent along with me and he loved it just as much as I did. Our fave song is back seat lovers. I couldnt relate to it but he could. LOL. The song playing in the background is back seat lovers I believe. Flowso voice is so amazing when he sing. I almost said heyyyyy instead of heyy when I saw him if you know what I mean. He is just a friend soooo yeah. LOL.


Of course I had to get a drink. They had 2 for 1 special. I got amaretta sour which is a really good!…..really good although I didnt get drunk but the music made my drinks wayyyy better.


I highly recommend that everyone listen to Flowso because the guy is dope. In my opinion, he has a different sound. He does not rap about the typical drugs and gangbanging like how some Memphis rappers do. Check out his latest single “I Been” featuring Tom Skee Click Here In addition, go take a look at my previous post about Flowso from earlier this year.

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October 20, 2016

Fall Essentials Shopping List


Fall season is here and here to stay for only a short period until Winter comes in. I love fall season because it’s the one season where my skin just glows well with the oranges, browns, and reds. I can also wear a hoodie and shorts and no one looks at me crazy. And in the fall you can break out the boots! Lawd I love boots because they elongate my legs especially thigh highs. Unfortunately, every time I have been shopping I haven’t been able to get Fall clothes because I pay too much attention to the summer clothes. I need to get my life together. I would usually be shopping for Winter right now but I am telling you the summer sales are distracting me. I need to stay woke and buy Fall clothes!

I put together a shopping list of Fall things that I need. This list will pretty much be the foundation of my Fall looks.



I am really not big on accessories but I do need these things to complete my Fall looks.


Fur Ball Hat Akira $29

fur bag

Fur Clutch $25.50


You guys already know a bomber is within this section. LOL.

forever 21 bomber

Tiger Bomber  $37.90

asos bomberAsos Bomber $33.86


choies off shoulder

 Off the shoulder $21


I am not going to get too many dresses because dresses are flooding my closet.

cami dress

Silk Cami dress  $32.00




I love these pants because they are so cute! Plus you can show a little skin with these.


High split pants $37.50


Most of the shoes I have listed are selling out fast but Im not buying until some of these boots go on sale.

akira boot

Velvet ankle boot  $30 (Sale Price)


Nude ankle boot  $49

akira clear boot

Clear boot  $59


Velvet Pump  $27.90


Grey Patent Leather  $58.99

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